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Further details of Bursaries and Grants

  1. All awards are assessed on the total family income of the applicant. Families whose family income does not exceed the single basic stipend of a URC minister will qualify for the highest awards. Families with income exceeding this figure may be offered reduced bursaries. When a bursary is awarded, a grant is made towards the initial fitting out cost and fees for public examinations are paid.
  2. Once a bursary is awarded the Trustees hope to continue its payment for the whole period of the child’s secondary education, but this can not be guaranteed.
  3. As the Foundation’s income is heavily dependent on its income from investments all bursary applications have to be renewed annually. The size of all bursaries is re-assessed each year.
  4. Applicants should satisfy the Trustees that all other sources of financial help to which they are entitled have been sought and obtained before making application to the Foundation.
  5. Applicants will be required to state the total family income on the application form. All such information is treated as confidential.
  6. Grants may be awarded towards the cost of uniform of a girl or boy on entry to any secondary education.
  7. Grants may be awarded to any women taking up further education for the first time.
  8. The Trustees have power to give help in other areas of need in the field of education.

Applications and enquiries should be made by email to the Secretary at